so why Soul Play...?

girl, because there's nothing stronger than the mind-body connection...

      and putting a strong emphasis on actually doing....

No more self-help books.

No more sessions on the couch with your therapist.

No more need for the numbing buzz or 

retail therapy.

It's more than just getting a new outfit, 

a new mantra or

enrolling in fitness classes at your local gym.

It's movement therapy.

And the psychology behind that movement.

I teach you those moves that unlock and 

put into motion

a crazy amount of confidence

big package of boldness

and the sass to live life, your way.

You then take those moves to everything you do - 

whether it's picking up your kid at school

walking into a job interview

 or dealing with THAT person.

You can do this - and everything that comes

your way.

Because you just absolutely


This is your new confidence.

This is your new way of thinking.

This is your new way of being.

One unforgettable, confident,

more than satisfied with her life

rocking mamacita.


try me out?

$20 for you and your bestie!

Wanna chat?

Let me answer the questions you have.

See that I can absolutely be that girl to help get

you to where you want to go!

wanna see massive change?

Who's Ellen?


Check out the owner of Soul Play...

and why she's among your greatest assets.

have questions?

@2017 by Soul Play

Coaching. Instruction. Choreography.

Online 24/7

Locally at 61 Broadway, Kensington, PEI

Can travel worldwide. 

Just contact me for booking!


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