private lessons 

for weddings

Impress, shock and wow them all. This is your day.

...And become a youtube sensation while you're at it!

Soul Play says:

Due to the COVID pandemic, all instruction

is only available online  - but I've still got you


Showcase the newest “us” totally rocking the first dance together


Got a favorite been holding onto this one since forever jam?

Want something passionate and red hot, sweet and romantic or fabulously classic? 

Maybe you've been binge'ing on those "Surprise Choreography" videos all over Youtube and you not-so-secretly want to go viral with your own First Dance sensation. Go anywhere from an Uptown Funk piece to an 80's mashup to a Thriller Dance remake. 

Or maybe you are the rocking group.

The bridesmaids or groomsmen, the bride and her dad or the groom and his mom -

and you want your performance to be something equally rocking for the big event. 

Whether you have something completely done up in your mind or have no idea where to start,

Soul Play offers 5-lesson packages for couples or groups

who want nothing less than 100% holy-wow flair.


 You can choose from a sexy rhumba or batchata, a classic waltz or foxtrot, a hot salsa or cha-cha, a fun swing number or something of your own choosing.

      Or, you can push the envelope + make your own "surprise" dance number.

After, people will be like "hell ya, that's how a first dance be d.o.n.e.". Guaranteed.

I know it's gotta be absolutely you. And downright badass-memorable.

All Wedding Packges include

Or, maybe you need....

- creative direction + instruction
- 5 hours of personal instruction, to song of choice

- a one of a kind wedding dance

2 People


3-6 People


7-10 People


 to tweak + shine your already established First Dance choreography?

This is great for the couple whose wedding is coming up quick

and doesn't have the time for a Full Program...

or who want to add a few flashy moves.

I gotcha boo.

 2 Lesson Special, $140

My fiance and I wanted to learn a very unique waltz for our first wedding dance. Ellen took two complete rookies + shaped us to looking great and loving the dance itself.

Great teacher! Very patient + made it very fun!

- Anne-Marie

@2017 by Soul Play

Coaching. Instruction. Choreography.

Online 24/7

Locally at 61 Broadway, Kensington, PEI

Can travel worldwide. 

Just contact me for booking!


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