Based in Bedeque, PEI
Contact for availability for

on-site/in-home instruction

     or off-island instruction or choreography.

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soul dance

Strut your stuff, excite your man (or woman). Show them what they're missing.

Whatever your message is --- 

          here's one fiesty independent chick

          lover needs some new reasons to drool

          check out my new badass body

          you-gonna-miss-me to the ex

Take your message to the next level + go boom-boom-pow with a visual personal statement ---

without saying a single word.

This dance is so all yours. You'll get 7 hours of creative direction + instruction. We will have an initial chat to discuss goals + song choice. You can premiere your Soul Dance online or at a future Soul Play event. (Maybe even get a copy of your dance so  you can get it delivered to only-you-know-who).

Go on, girl! Tell them what they need to know.

7 lessons, $345. HST Included.