get a fierce + sexy 

through movement work + the mind-body connection


if what you want is to...

seriously ramp up your confidence + wow factor

be more in control of your body

dance for your guy/gal or your upcoming wedding

gain some flexibility + muscle tone in your body 

become sexy, flirty, sassy, fun or sultry

 this is how you do it 

hands-on instruction by a

Puerto-Rican hottie from NYC...

hustlin' life since she was a little chica!


get everything you need

from private lessons, video programs,

live online classes or at a BootCamp



the boundaries

the self-doubt and the criticizing talk...

the fears, the limitations, the bull

the hell-no's, the cant's

the woulds and shoulds

where you take it all off...


* guaranteed confidence

* sexier perspective on your life

* increased boldness and "can-do" attitude

* increased energy

* legs to die for

* a body that you can depend on and

definitely one you're proud of

going to the gym or pumping weights

excessive talk, talk, talk many current coaching programs.

MY STYLE: I get you to the doing part!

...and you may not even have to

leave your house! 

hint: online courses...


get all



Love being a mom, but looking for a bit more than just the label?

Want to fall in love with your own booty?

Get a more than healthy dose of sass + spice! 

         Let's get you out of those sweatpants, you hot mama bear!


Are you razor sharp in the boardroom and can handle anything like no one's business....but secretly desire to be a bit softer?

             Let's get you more lady and more femme!


Know you got some siren-red inside of you, but not sure how to

actually tap into it?

            Let's get you so confident and so on-fire!

make it a date night!

Intro Class



$20 a session, 1 or 2 people.

FULL 60 minutes!

@2017 by Soul Play

Coaching. Instruction. Choreography.

Online 24/7

Locally at 61 Broadway, Kensington, PEI

Can travel worldwide. 

Just contact me for booking!


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