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Coaching. Instruction. Choreography.

Online 24/7

Locally at 61 Broadway, Kensington, PEI

Can travel worldwide. 

Just contact me for booking!


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latin bootcamp

Sass + swagger in 3 hours, guaranteed.

Crushing on the Latin classes, but your schedule doesn't allow for a weekly class?

Soul Play has you covered -- you can take one of the monthly Bootcamps!


Walk in not knowing a single move.

 Walk out shaking those hips, singing Havana-oh-na-na.  


Gain confidence + some

serious Latina swagger

in just 3 hours.

Winter: Jan 26, Feb 23, Mar 22

Spring: Apr 19, May 17

Summer: June 14, July 26, Aug 23

Fall: Sept 20, Oct 18, Nov 29, Dec 13

*check calendar for which dance will be taught 

Registration required. $99 for TWO PEOPLE per Latin Bootcamp. HST included.

Soul Play says:

Due to the COVID pandemic, Latin BootCamps are only available as an online event on the dates listed below

Ellen has been a phenomenal coach of two 50-year-olds to get their hips moving and learn Latin dancing. She is an awesome instructor with skill beyond, patience + a beautiful studio. Thank you Ellen for your

patience + superb guidance! 

M + M