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Can travel worldwide. 

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Not sure if dance is for you? Fearful you don't have the skills or believe you're just not gonna get it? Come see how easy it actually is! 

Soul Play says:

Due to the COVID pandemic, the Intro Class is only available online. It's STILL a great way to

see how RIGHT Soul Play is for you!

you probably have questions...

Sounds interesting, but not sure what to wear?

That is the best part ladies, bring along your sexiest heels. (Fellas, match her with a dress shoe.)

You're intrigued, but you are a complete beginner with 2 left feet?

PERFECT! Soul Play is made for you! I love working with newbies! You are in a perfect spot to get in on some beginner-level classes. I have helped hundreds of people find their left and right feet and evolve into great (and somewhat addicted) dancers! Also, this Intro class can give you a good feel of how I teach and you get to enjoy yourself in a more comfortable, smaller setting. 

Am I warming you up to the idea but still unsure if Soul Play is really your jam? 

If you are looking for that friend who has you pull out those badass leather jeggings you've been secretly hiding in your closet, tells you how fabulous your ass looks in them and after a night out you're thinking - I am so bossing it...and I can absolutely handle this!...

then yes! Soul Play is for you. 

Feeling ready to flaunt your stuff and do something for YOU?

If you want to confidently + boldly make your life your personal adventure and start flaunting some personal flair...then, yes! Soul Play is for you!


Grab your best guy or girl friend and take advantage of this

Soul Play Intro Class for only $20!!!

Learn some steps and you will go home, absolutely confident in yourself!

See how easily you can be taught by me, Ellen!

It'll be like a first date...that changed everything. 

Intro Class




$20 a session, 1-2 people.


FULL 60 minutes!

make it a date night!

2 for 1 Intro Class


$12.00 + tax.  2 people. 60 minute Session.
Offer expires September 28, 2019