This is where you belong. Thi is your tribe.

the Den

be the woman who fixes another woman's crown without telling the world it was crooked. In other word, we are in this together. Thi i the purpoe of the den.

the doing.


dance parties  loose mama 

FLEXY: Focusing on movements + routines that combines a stretch class, dance movements, the yoga atmosphere and a big dose of the sexy Femme class feel.

Think of it as Soul Play's better, more sexy version of yoga. 

Bring a yoga mat.

THE A$$ CLASS: inspired by dance choreography, wiggle + move your a$$ in ways that tone the muscle, as well as gain you a bit of a swagger in your walk.

LATIN CARDIO: more like a dance party than an aerobics class. 


don't do solo.

this is a rocking online community of talkative + driven mamas..who want to help you rock your life!

so you can be.

content that' going to help you better your peronal life and you buiess. 


This is a great place to tell people more about your business, and the services you offer. Want to make this content your own? It's easy.

and have.

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get the goods.

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Dance Parties

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Online, In-Studio, On-Site ~ Located in Prince Edward Island, Canada ~ Available Worldwide

Soul Play can help any female wanting to kick the not good enough vibes to the curb and

gain serious confidence, sass and swagger to amp up both their business + personal life.

Mom or not. Business owner or not. Dancer, ex-dancer, the "always wanted to dance but too shy" type.

The “two left-feet” crew. Those with no experience or the self-proclaimed no rhythm gals. 

All are welcome.

Proud Supporter of Indigenous-Owned Businesses and the Cheyenne + Blackfeet Nations in Montana, USA

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