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about the girl +

her studio


I'm just a girl from the Bronx in NYC who might have been twice on the line for boldness, sass and entrepreneurial spirit when I was being created. Fast forward about 40 years and I now live in beautiful Anne's Land, in Prince Edward Island with my 3 children + and an

overweight brute of a dog.

I've been a Ballroom + Latin competition dancer, a wedding consultant, a boutique store owner, a goat and alpaca farmer, a dance studio owner and a homeschooler. I am a closet historian, a wannabe Scot, an entrepreneur, an insatiable reader, a believer in that one perfect shade of blue,

a quote lover, fierce Scrabble player, a night owl 

and an off-roading, tattooed Jeep gal. 

I have always been fiercely independent, speak my mind, goal-driven + confident. I am a definite decision maker, get things going,

shamelessly blunt, and always up for

trying something new, extraordinary or challenging.

I even won an "30 Extraordinary Bostonians" award. 

I'm Ellen. A writer, blogger, dancer, a badass business woman. 

I'm a multi-passionate lifestyle artist. 

and I'd like to help you design yours...

 I'd like to say that I've always had an eye for originality.

That I've always pursued life with a fierceness + passion,

aiming to both capture and captivate life as much as I can.


I've always sought after more than just

what was common and traditional.

I like to laugh hard + smile often.


I score high on the "all or nothing - go big/go home" spectrum.

I'm way too versatile to stick to

one hobby, or interest...or one task at a time.


I aim to to live my life without explanation.


I have a magic formula of initiative,

motivation, spunk, creative resourcefulness

+ an abundance of energy.

My ambitious schedule can be undone by

the offer of a cuddle with a side of cheesecake.

And when I take my dancing shoes off,

I am a mom of 3 equally-energetic children

who are captivatingly beautiful, inside + out.

a snapshot

My Motto

"She believed she could...

so she did"

My vision

to increase your confidence,

reclaim your sense of self

+ gain a healthy dose of sass

while you're at it.

To Help you create a life

you're damn Proud oF.