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Coaching. Instruction. Choreography.

Online 24/7

Locally at 61 Broadway, Kensington, PEI

Can travel worldwide. 

Just contact me for booking!

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Studio Classes

Flamboyant, colourful, big dose of sass, a bit loud + lip smackingly-delicious.

Totally the Soul Play class.

Latin Dance

6 Latin styles to choose from | get sassy, flirty or sexy cool

rock your inner mamacita

* also available livestream or video-program

great for

the gal who loves energetic Latin music  

wants a bit more spice to your step 

increasing your confidence 

a definite alternative to that less-than-spectacular-aerobics class at the gym

 Less sweat. More sass.


sexy dance basics | bold + downright smokin' hot

grab your sexiest heels

* also available livestream or video-program


one song | fully choreographed routine 

let that LA dancer out of the closet

the gal who wants to get in touch with her body

add some flexibility, fluidity and femininity

the gal who want to learn to dance for her partner

get a whole choreographed dance routine

great for

meaning, do you want to feel sexy AF?

*also available via online


More than just a "stretch" class. 

More like the very first thing you need for a longer, stronger body and the start to getting confident in your walk and talk!

Class teaches movements + routines for increased strength and flexibility. 

great for

cherry-topping your dance training and getting a more well-rounded fit body.

flexibility is good for on + off the dance floor.

private Lessons for Weddings

him + her | a stand out couple

choreography for a stand out moment

*also available on-site

the couple that wants something different and unique for their first dance

great for

make your first dance, the best dance. Ever.

soul dance

dance how YOU want!

show them what they are missing

*also available via Zoom

great for

the gal who wants to express herself through a choreographed piece

do you want to be a video star??

in other words...

private lessons for group choreography

*in-studio + on-site

the get-down crew | signature choreography

for when "omg"  is the desired end result

the wedding group that wants Youtube-worthy choreographed pieces

great for

Can't make it to

the studio?

See everything

the studio offers!

We are having so much fun! I always wanted to learn to dance! Ellen is such an amazing teacher! We were so comfortable and learned so much just our first class. Really looking forward to Monday nights with Ellen!! She is awesome!

- Andrea W., Hairdresser