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Your 24/7 Studio

interested in working with Soul Play, know just how fabulously we can help you ---  but either can't make it work for your schedule....or you're not local to our area...?

We can still make it happen -- with online courses, programs and coaching.

courses for your soul + Mind

cuz it's a body-mind connection

How to Live a Sassy Life

a NYC-inspired dance party with masks (provided!)

How to Get from Just Mom to Just Wow

a hot salsa dance party for all the witches, ghosts, pirates+ zombies

Power Stance + Power Shoes

a hot salsa dance party for all the witches, ghosts, pirates+ zombies

for movement + dance

Sundays, 12:00p - 2:00p, $25 each 

Fabrice Dancing

Dancer's Legs

Movements to Free Yourself

flexxy/dancers' yoga

Find Your Fierce Life Series

for those that need to see + be seen

Oct 5th, 6:30p | $20

Your debut. Your showcase to get on stage and show us what you've been working on in our Soul Jam (basically the Talent Shows' big sister). So gather your talent, strap on your courage and show us what you got!

Event includes:

3hrs of entertainment

an opportunity to showcase yourself

an atmosphere of encouragement + personal strut

link to the recorded event


Selfish + Naughty for the Good Girl

talent in the house, yo!

Sept 20, Oct 4, Nov 1 + Dec 6 | $10

a ** module for building confidence, self esteem and your inner sexy mamacita. Includes weekly online coaching, movement exerciese and a fb group suppot.

SP Mastermind

anyone up for some dirty dancing?

12 week mastermind intensive, private mentoring, coaching epxeience adn personalized group content

personal growth, struggles, limiting patterns

Bucket Life Series

Sundays, 12:00p - 2:00p, $25 each 

365 Bucket List Idea pDF

Bucket List Membership

90 Day Challenge

Choose Your own ADV

anyone up for some dirty dancing?

Nov 30th, 6p | $20

Are you a girl from the 80's? Ya? I'm pretty sure you crushed heavily on Patrick Swayze's hot dance instructor character in Dirty Dancing, am I right?!

Here's your chance to not only watch the movie in the company of like-minded thirsty gals -- uninterrupted by a kids' candy request or the dog pleading to go outside -- but you get a dance lesson beforehand to learn some moves off the soundtrack...and imagine yourself as Baby, being handled on the dance floor by the hot Johnny Castle.

P.S. the infamous lift at the end...ya, that is only for our viewing pleasure.

Dirty Dancing/1987 attire highly encouraged - prize given for best costume! Refreshments provided. 

creative Side

Sundays, 12:00p - 2:00p, $25 each 

painting circle


dance at home series

cha cha rhumba salsa and samba

to get you into a creative space on a regular basis, if you don't havf time to get into my studio or you live somwhere else. or don't feel yet ready to get tothe studio. 

*warm up moves

*prompts to get you going

* facebook group

video tutorias of ***


cha cha rhumba salsa and samba

exclusive coaching for a very limited type of client

have access to me via phone email or text. Access my services when you need it the most

8 one hour appointments and unlimied emails