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so why Soul Play...?

girl, it's the mind-body connection...

      with a strong emphasis on actually doing....

No more self-help books...

No more sessions on the couch with the psychologist.

And it's more than just getting a new outfit, getting a new mantra or enrolling in fitness classes at your local gym.

It's movement. And the pyshoclogy behind that movement.

So if you're a mom who wants to feel like you're more than just a mom label, want a reaspom and a way to dress up both your body, mind and spirit...and get off sitting on the floor to handling the floor...

Or if you're that professional woman, whos got the sharpness, the edge and is a bosslady in yuor own right...but you want to gain a but more of a softness to want to connect with that feminine side. 

Either which way, if you want to connect more with your gorgeous self, 


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