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There's thinking on how you want your life to be...and then there's the actual doing.

My undeniable goal - to get you rocking your life.

I've got you, girl!

intentionally femme

Ever watch a Ballroom Dance competition and not only be mesmerized by their amazing dancing, the costumes, the atmosphere...but totally can't take your eyes off their faces?


Do you notice the female dancer? How she interacts with her partner? How she moves?

How she plays?

And then plays differently based on which dance they are doing?


Do you know each dance has a "character"?

A story to tell. 

A vibe all of its own.


The dancers deliver their message with impact,

with emotion and with conviction.

By their facial expressions, the way they move, their costumes.

 intentionally femme is a 8 week LIVE/Online program that aims to

 unleash your full femininity

make you strong + confident

reintroduce you to your amazing strengths

and recreate yourself as a powerhouse

...one Latin dance at a time. 


* eight interactive online classes (small group format)

* five personal 30min calls (over the 8 weeks)

* weekly challenge + activities

* gorgeous journal for you to download/use (keepsake of your journey)

* access to weekly meditations, inspiring music + movement exercises from the Flexy classes

* weekly online check-in, chat + mini-lesson in private Facebook group

*online community of rocking mamacitas to provide support, encouragement

and to pretty much ask anything!


$1449 HST included. 

While you will learn many steps and mini-routines based on the dances, this program isn't specifically designed to teach you social dancing.

This program relies heavily on the Latin Dances,

but will also incorporate other forms of dancing as well.