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trophy winner for

Most Entertaining Performance

at the 2019 HospicePEI Dancing with the Stars

So what goes through your head when THAT girl walks into the bar, 

into the conference room, or down the street?

Is it, "what's her secret"? 

Do you wonder how this chick seems to have the ability to just flawlessly move about,

how she's just lit up from the inside...?

Are you comparing yourself to her...and feeling like you just don't measure up?

Mama, it's not about comparing, it's not even about measuring up...

but the girl does have a secret sauce...and I know what it is.

Want to gain courage, sass, a toned body, legs to die for and an unending confident smile?

Want a personal workout for your body, mind and soul?

Soul Play is the studio for massive personal transformation - on and off the dance floor.

Dance to elevate your perspective, increase your energy and to

create the life, not just moments, you not-so-secretly desire.

Soul Play's got you covered...!



rediscover your pre-mama self | get sassy | have a reason + a way to spice things up 

get off the damn floor, out of sweatpants + covered in legos

secretly desire to be softer + fluid? | get a balance between sass + edge

wanting less boss +  more lady

You can start with either of these....

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Only $20 for 1 or 2 people. FULL 60 minute Session!

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Get a feel for Soul Play + a CUSTOMIZED PLAN!

 let's get your party started!