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call it #thesoulplayeffect       

* make your walk match your talk * step up your boss mama game 

* Rock out massively wild dreams

Hey! I'm Ellen.

I'm a retired competitive Latin dancer turned life coach for the ma'preneur.

I've got the actual Psychology + Counseling degree + 

experience in running a business while raising a family.  Singlehandedly.

So I've got a sweet spot for those single mamas that are handling both.

You're part of my tribe and I feel ya.

I know about laying awake at 2am feeling you're not good enough. 

I know how much pressure there is to perform, get results, to be seen,

to make your presence known, to make your business "work".

And what it's like to hold your own among the male bigwigs. 

I am gonna tell it straight to you.

You can rock both

your business and your life.

All without the momma guilt or downplaying the fact that you are female.

Feeling second-class or not good enough...?

Only a shitty thing of your past...and how you used to think about yourself. 

It starts with movement, dance and saying hello to the Wild Woman you are.

Getting all the sexy, confident feels in.

Call it #thesoulplayeffect.


let me help you get started!

gym membershp    Therapist's couch

not necessary


Especially the one doing it on her own.

I know what it's like to be juggling both building your business and raising your family...

and how there is so much riding on the success of your business.

You can read another self help book, take another workshop or join another conference.

But there is a difference between mind confidence + body confidence.

And you need both - that's the mind-body connection.

If you want the type of confidence and power that levels up both your business + personally - 

and you want it to have staying power - I'm talking 24/7 no matter what.


Whether you walk into a boardroom full of men entrepreneurs

 asking for funding, about to pitch your business idea or promoting a product....

Soul Play can help you get the results you want. And quickly


I want your business to have mind-blowing, awesome results.

I want to see you slaying it.

PS - I admit, I have a sweet spot for helping boss mamas...

but I personally believe the Soul Play programs and vibe can help any female.

Mom or not. Business owner or not.

Dancer, ex-dancer, the "always wanted to dance but too shy" type.

The “two left-feet” crew.

All are welcome.

  hey boss mama.

and it starts here.

what soul play offers you



Ever see a sexy picture and think

"if only, I could look like that"...

But end up totally throwing

that idea away?


Especially after reminding yourself

of all your body flaws,

the limited time, the limited space...

what would you even wear?

And...the fact that you're "mom"

and moms don't look like that.

I'm gonna say a hard no to

that last thought.

MUSE is for you if...

* you want to learn to

own your sensuality

* you totally need to start seeing

yourself as sexy, bold and confident

* you are ready to challenge

your limitations + fears


It's a mini-course of 30 daily sassy

ideas that get you discovering a 

sexier side of yourself.


Let's get to Day ONE!


online course

Girl, do you know that

the way you move,

walk into a room

or the way you present

and carry yourself 

says everything about what you

think about yourself?

Do you play soft + nice and

hope to reach your goals?

Or do you see the benefit of

not just dreaming big - but doing big -

and moving with intention,

with focus, with purpose?

FEMME is for you if you want to...

* start playing big...and feel

empowered for anything

that comes your way

* move your body in a way that says

you mean business -

and take control of the room

* learn those feminine movements, choreography and sassy tips

+ tools to amp up your wow factor

 Whether you just want to say

"I rocked that",

put on a dance show for your partner

or slay + handle a meeting...

  when your body is vibing power -

 others around you

can't help but take notice.

And this will show up

big time in your business.

It starts TODAY!



 You are the ambitious,

I want it all, go big or go home

type of woman, aren't you?

(btw, love you my soul sister!)

ReWilde is the FEMME course,

personal life coaching,

live teaching and community

put all together.  

Rewilde is for you if...

* you are serious about

your reinvention

or your business success.

* you want an all-in-one, hands-on,

no BS coaching program 

to get the results you want.

* you like challenging, "out of the box", slightly edgy but definitely 100% fun ideas 

* you want to amp up your Femme course --  totally accelerate your skills

+ bring on the sass sooner

* you know being around other badass women is key --

and honestly, adult conversation + fun

sounds real good now

(ie., no more talk around

Legos or Paw Patrol...)

THIS is what you've been

looking for!

the secret sauce

how I roll...

1. Boss mommas are the world's top badasses. They play hard. They work even harder.  And they are toughest on themselves. I show you how to balance it AND use it - without the guilt or taking away any of the fun things. In fact, I add a lot more spice to the recipe.

2.Whether it's to the boardroom or picking up your kids from school, the way you move + talk says a lot about what you think about yourself. I help you design your signature movements. 

3. One of the best things you can do for yourself and your business is to say hell no to doubts, fears, limitations, the cant's, the would's or should's and hell yeah to the more important things, both in life and business. I show you how best to move the needle.

4. Mama bears need to be among their tribe of passionate dreamer/doer types. And often.

I have a mama den you need to frequent.

5. I believe in your strength, your solid vision for your life and business and I believe you absolutely got this! I know you have a sassy + fiesty mamacita inside you. And I'm gonna show you how to rock both your life and your business. 


to amp up your momma game

 the podcast

A confident women is powerful + sexy.

And growing a business, raising a family...

and doing it singlehandledly is badass AF.  

Highlighting the fabulous and the unafraid.

Actually, the was-afraid, but still fabulously did it.

This is our crew. 

We can all learn a thing or two from each other.

coming soon / weekly

 the blog

I love writing.

A thought collector, an artist of ideas.

This ain't your average blog.

More like not so secretly reading my journal.

About as real as it gets. 

click here to snoop weekly

Ellen is a wicked combination of tough as nails coach and that girl you always wanna hang out with. 

         ~Lily T.

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Online, In-Studio, On-Site ~ Located in Prince Edward Island, Canada ~ Available Worldwide

Soul Play can help any female wanting to kick the not good enough vibes to the curb and

gain serious confidence, sass and swagger to amp up both their business + personal life.

Mom or not. Business owner or not. Dancer, ex-dancer, the "always wanted to dance but too shy" type.

The “two left-feet” crew. Those with no experience or the self-proclaimed no rhythm gals. 

All are welcome.

Proud Supporter of Indigenous-Owned Businesses and the Cheyenne + Blackfeet Nations in Montana, USA

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